The “C” Word

who else would title a publish “The C Word” as well as put a photo of her self under it?

Jag vet. tack för att du läser.
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But, I’m not speaking about the C word you’re most likely believing of, I’m speaking about the COLD! It is painfully cold, as in if the air outside touches your skin, it burns. aj! I don’t understand if you’ve caught on during my 7,451 previous rants about MD, however I do not delight in the cold.

I had some seltzer bottles in my vehicle as well as it froze them!!! Now, stripping all feeling from my fingers as well as toes is one thing, however when you begin messing with my seltzer we’re going to exchange some words.

When I last left you I was on my method to kick boxing which I anticipate will ended up being my newest obsession. Jag gillar det! When it was over I had an apple as well as a SB snack bar.

All I desired for lunch was something opposite of the “C” word. (If Ben reads that line without understanding my new implying for C word he would be extremely happy.) Anyways, I implied soup! This can was on sale the other day so I believed I’d provide it a whirl.

Det var okej. I spiced it up with some hot sauce to make it much better though. Not sure if I would get it again. On the plus it’s a huge bowl of eats for 220 cals.

On the side I had my addiction = Veggie Crisps. You men don’t see chips on the blog extremely frequently since I’m typically not a salty snacks person (besides the occasional popcorn binge). however I like these suckers for some reason! Jum!

More anonymous Questions!!!

Question:Did you keep your maiden name?  If so, exactly how come?

Monica: Yes, I kept my maiden name. I was thinking about altering it, however I don’t truly comprehend the reason. I like my name as well as don’t see the requirement to modification it.

There has been talk of hyphenating it to prevent confusion when we have kids, however I haven’t made up my mind about that either.

Also, I believe it’s quite apparent that I comprise for my lack of skin pigment by continuously reminding you as well as myself that I am Mexican. I like having a Hispanic name. I am happy of it.

FYI – one of the very first women to not modification her name was Lucy Stone. now women who keep their name are called Stoners. right here is a link to the Lucy stone League, a group that brings on her message of equality for guy as well as women.

Question: who are your preferred bloggers?

Monica: I have a ton of blogs on my Google Reader, so it’s truly difficult to choose, I’ll go with phases of having to checked out specific blogs. right here are the very first blogs I went to today…

Peas as well as say thanks to You – You understand I appreciate a funny blog ?

Carrots as well as Cake – however seriously, who doesn’t checked out this blog?

HEAB!!! This woman certainly composed her own diet plan book as well as eats what her body needs. Jag gillar det.

and then I went down the list…

Question: What type of running shoes do you wear?  I’m on a constant quest for path running sneakers that offer sufficient ankle support while adjusting for overpronation.

Monica: I currently sport Adidas SuperNovas as well as am likewise a fan of the Asics Gel Nimbus. however these are my runners. path running shoes are a bit different since they are heavier, heartier as well as offer much more support because the terrain is frequently sketchy.

The SuperNova line does offer a path shoe, however I don’t understand if it would offer sufficient suport if you overpronate a lot.

The SuperNovas as well as Gel Nimbus are both thought about Neutral shoes implying they don’t offer much in the method of assisting with pronation. But, I would presume that their path shoe counterparts offer much more stability as well as may be okay.

Here is the Runner’s world path shoe guide for 2009. This most likely has precisely what you requirement if you understand your brand preferences too. I am quite faithful to the two “A” name brands – Adidas as well as Ascis ?

For other readers:  If you don’t understand what type of running shoes you need, inspect outwebsites like  Running shoes Guru,  or go into a running shoe store as well as ask. just make sure it’s a running shoe store as well as not woman Footlocker or some crap like that.

Do you have an anonymous concern for me? Ask away here!

I’m so thankful there are so numerous lost fans out there! next question: What lost character are you many like???

Me: I dunno, this is one I’ve never believed about. I would state Richard Alpert since we both like to wear eye liner. Ha, just kidding.

Um, I believe I am many like Sayid since I have a great heart, however can likewise kick ass (or at least pretend to in kick boxing).

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