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How do you tell when you may have an injury coming on versus typical training discomfort? – Today I’m asking the professional Dr. Christopher Segler from the Doc on the Run podcast to break it down for us!

Doc on the Run Podcast – episode 135

Last year I broke the 2nd metatarsal in my left foot as well as couldn’t run – I was devastated, extremely stressed as well as felt extremely alone since running is my primary social activity. Then, my physician basically just stated – don’t run for 6 to 8 weeks. Okej, hejdå.

Luckily I found the Doc on the Run Podcast around that time as well as it provided me so much hope as well as tips on recovery. as well as today I’m speaking to the host, Dr. Christopher Segler, a foot as well as ankle surgeon as well as avid runner – so he truly gets it. 

 I still listen to his show since he shares super useful tips as well as reminders on exactly how not to get injured, exactly how to develop back up as well as directly talk that runners requirement to hear – particularly experienced runners who don’t want to rest or recuperate like they should.

But before we catch up with him – we requirement to begin with a warm up!

**Head’s Up = My microphone hit the wall around 16:18 so you’ll notice a difference in sound. however I desire you to stick with it as the concern after that turn is important for all runners – ‘How do we gauge at what point something is an injury versus typical training discomfort?’.**


I’m going to try as well as keep the warm as much as 5 minutes today since the interview is so good. however very first I have to warn you – the interview is fantastic however about 10 minutes into the chat my extremely high speed elegant Web went down. So I had to switch to my phone for the rest of the interview as well as the audio high quality took a huge hit.

Luckily, Dr Segler in addition to being a runner as well as physician is a extremely successful speaker as well as podcaster – so he ran with it as well as all the important points are crystal clear. 

Lucky Shamrock number 2 – since I wasn’t utilizing my podcast mic, you most likely can’t hear Diego full on throw up under my desk in the middle of the call. 


I just kept going as if nothing was happening since sometimes you gotta stop as well as barf as well as then keep going in marathons as well as life as well as online podcasting.

Running calendar vs. Miles Tracker – Thoughts?

Lucky Shamrock number 3 – The stack on the Miles difficulty was a bit different this year. everybody who wished to join got their option of a printable Miles Tracker – with 50 miles, 100 miles or 200 miles. 

I believe having a extremely fun as well as visible method to provide yourself credit history for each mile as well as that reminder published up in your house was extremely useful to keeping you on track. The comments was outstanding as well as so many runners hit or surpassed their goals before the end of the month! 

HUGE Congratulations to everybody who did the stack on the Miles difficulty this year.

And I have some homework for you – I usually share a free printable running calendar with suggested runs as well as workouts. It’s all things you can do at home, running around your community or on a treadmill. 

Since both the Calendars as well as the Miles Tracker seem to be extremely prominent – I’m not sure what you’d prefer if I only did one next year. 

Would you prefer the calendar or Miles Tracker??

Please let me understand your vote either method on the blog publish that goes together with this episode or on today’s Instagram post. I truly appreciate it!

Remember the show notes are on as well as comply with me on Instagram @RunEatRepeat

Please comply with me as well as comment or DM with any type of questions. See ya over there after this episode!

Now let’s talk to physician Christopher Segler!

MAIN event – Doc on the Run Interview

What You should Do If You feel An Injury Coming On as well as exactly how to Bounce Back from a Running Injury

Dr. Christopher Segler is a foot as well as ankle surgeon based out of San Francisco, California. 

His main focus is assisting injured runners continue running while they heal. He serves on the Board of medical Advisors of the worldwide Foot & ankle foundation for education as well as Research. He likewise actually composed the book on Runner’s Heel Pain.

And what you most likely want to understand for today’s show…  Dr. Segler is a genuine runner. He is an ultra-marathoner, a 15-time Ironman Triathlon finisher as well as has been placed as an Ironman All world Athlete. He has likewise competed in the Ironman world championships in Kona, Hawaii.

I’ll put links to his website where you can getin touch with him for more info in the show notes at Run eat 

“If you’re a distance runner – you have to put on a great deal of miles, that’s a great deal of abuse. Your coach should keep you just below your threshold for injury all the time.”

So understanding your body as well as what to do if something feels ‘off’ is so important. This episode isn’t for injured runners – it’s for all runners. understand your body, utilize a running journal as well as pay interest so you can run stronger as well as faster.

Doc on the Run interview Notes:

What’s the very first thing runners should do when they feel an injury may be coming on.

How do you figure out the difference between discomfort you should push with OR determine as a issue that means you should stop running?

Why you’re putting yourself at danger of injury when you run all your runs at the exact same pace.

If you can determine a issue that’s sore for more than a couple of days – that’s a problem. 

What do you do if your body is sore or hurt from running?

The pain Journal 

The fast healing Guide

You can get the pain Journal, the fast healing guide as well as many other programs to assist you prevent a running injury as well as keep going on the Doc on the Run website.

I hope that was fascinating as well as informative! I’ll put links to his website where you can get the pain Journal, fast healing guide as well as inspect out the other resources in today’s show notes on 

Resources & get in touch with information for Doc on the Run:

Doc on the Run website – tons of information for runners dealing with foot as well as ankle pain. plus get in touch with information to work with him.

Doc on the Run pain Journal – Podcast, blog publish as well as free printable to track your pain after an injury. (scroll down to get the pain journal on that post)

The fast healing Journal & other programs from Doc on the Run

Listen to the Doc on the Run Podcast – offered on iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher

Follow Doc on the Run on Instagram & Twitter here:

Doc on the Run on Instagram @docontherun

My Running Doc on Twitter @myrunningdoc

Now – it’s time for the Awards!


Pluto TV – free app for TV

Netflix – The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown as well as Tiger King

YouTube for being the location I can discover random clips from Stepbrothers when I requirement a laugh. 

That’s the surface line for today. say thanks to you for listening.
That’s it for today. say thanks to you so much for listening. 

Have a fantastic run!

Links & information mentioned on this episode:

Pain on the top of My Foot 

Foot pain Update 

I really Broke My Foot

Top of Foot pain resources & Info

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