Late Easter Confetti Egg search

Hello!! My household celebrated Easter late this year so I have a quick recap of the festivities as well as this weekend’s RUN, eat as well as RRR-LISTEN (did you believe I was going to state repeat?).

Thanks to all the time I spend running as well as walking Diego (and perhaps since I only have 1 friend)… I spend tons of time listening to audiobooks as well as podcasts. as well as I like sharing my suggestions so you don’t squander your time with shows or books I’d state skip. So I’m going to begin recapping that in my run reports too. Nu går vi.

Confetti Egg search for Easter

A few years back my SIL introduced confetti eggs to my household as part of the Easter Egg Hunt. before that we had the normal plastic eggs with candy as well as the occasional hard-boiled egg. The very first year she brought them was additional funny since it was a total surprise as well as then unexpectedly you hear a noise as well as get showered with confetti.

Now everybody in my household is prepared as well as trying to find the confetti eggs more than the candy ones!

Even Diego tried to wrestle huge confetti egg from me…

Okay, I recognize it doesn’t look that huge in the picture, however this is a giant Confetti Egg. I scored this at the 99 Cent store the night before. It was in a 2 pack of giant Confetti Eggs as well as something I’d never seen before. as well as it was genuinely 3x bigger than the other eggs however you understand I have hands bigger than Shaq as well as Diego is the size of a pony… so, objects in photo are larger than they appear.

Tricks to a excellent Confetti Egg Hunt:

Find 1 confetti egg as well as smash it in your hand OVER someone’s head – NOT against their head.

Find 1 confetti egg as well as rip off the paper covering the hole to expose the confetti inside. Then, sprinkle it on someone’s head as well as sing the Unicorn shine Song*.

Find 2 confetti eggs as well as smash them together OVER someone’s head – again, NOT against their head.

And the primary technique to a happy confetti egg search is to accept that there will be CONFETTI everywhere for a while. even though we did it outside as well as tried to shake it off as much as possible – it still sticks with ya.

It was on the floor, in the toilet, on the bed, even on the dog!!

Okay, it was on the dog since I smashed one over his stunning furry head. however don’t concern – no dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Actually, it was the opposite of harmful since golden Retrievers are excellent household family pets as well as Diego def believes he’s part of the fam. He would’ve felt left out if I didn’t do it!!

I didn’t take any type of photos of the food at our lil fiesta though… since I was so hectic choosing confetti out of it!


We ate before the search festivities, I was just hectic assisting my mom get things ready. It was my siblings as well as nieces so we took turns playing with the women as well as getting the food ready.

But I do have a extremely Monican food picture for you…

Monica as well as one more filthy Food

Recently somebody asked in Insta stories if I still eat filthy grapes (see that publish for the answer).

If I don’t laundry my grapes you may assumption that I likewise don’t laundry any type of other fruits or veggies. as well as if that was your assumption – you were right! Your prize is the satisfaction of guessing properly in a 50/50 situation. Grattis.

Seriously though… I don’t normally laundry romaine unless it looks dirty. as well as I feel like lately I haven’t gotten a pack of filthy romaine for a while. So I didn’t truly notice this pack was filthy up until I was chopping it as well as discovered the actual rock that developed the Grand Canyon in my lettuce.

Lucky for me (and the neighbors that wouldn’t heard my screams as well as been traumatized) I identified this before tossing it in my salad. say thanks to God. (… realizing that’s a phrase I should’ve stated earlier in a publish about Easter!)

So, I’ll be washing my romaine for the next couple of weeks up until I fail to remember this happened.

In happier food news… I was craving a donut soooooooo much last week. I kept believing about it at random times when it wasn’t practical to get a donut so I’d tell myself I’d get one the next day. as well as I lastly did. Slutet.

Audiobooks as well as Podcasts On The Run

Speaking of the end… I just completed the book ‘It ends With Us’ as well as want to chat about it. have you checked out it?

I truly am thinking about starting or joining a online book club since whenever I surface a book I want to talk about it. as well as I had a great deal of huge feelings about this one.  The evaluation will be up later this week.

Today on the run I listened to The criminal offense Writers On podcast about the Varsity Blues documentary as well as the Today Explained podcast about Cicadas.

The criminal offense Writers On podcast evaluations (mostly) true criminal offense podcasts, documentaries, motion pictures as well as series (sometimes they cover a drama series like the one they suggested that provided me such a poor night fear that I’m quite sure my ex as well as I are both traumatized by years later).

I alla fall. I like their show when they don’t talk about anything scary. If you like true criminal offense podcasts – inspect it out.

When I got back house that episode was over so I made a decision to listen to something a bit shorter while I stretched as well as went with Today Explained. They cover incredibly interesting, random topics… like Cicadas. I was just curious since I don’t understand anything about them.

Warning – Don’t listen while running since they have a few audio clips that noise like a significant bug is crawling from one side of you to the other. It wouldn’t be a lil as well much while running outside. I’m delighted I was stretching!

Warning part 2 – Cicadas are coming in May!!! So if you online in Cicada-ville (aka somewhere that Cicadas live) – head’s up that they’ll be checking out extremely soon.

I online in southern California as well as there aren’t Cicadas right here however I’m always truly curious about all things new England since it seems so different as well as far away. For example, I heard they have rain that gets so chilly it turns to ice!!?! Vild.

Since listening to this 1 podcast about Cicadas I’m quite much an expert, so LMK if you have any type of concerns about them.

Today I learned… You can eat Cicadas as well as they provided some ideas on exactly how to gather them as well as cook them.


But I’m not going to judge since I almost ate a clump of dirt bigger than any type of cicada!!! Please let me understand if you see one or eat one or go on a run with one.

Question: What did you listen to today?

Have a book or podcast recommendation? 

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