Churro Waffles Recipe–easy waffle maker hack

Churro Waffles! I finally did my own version of the Churro Waffles that I had in Seattle at Cactus restaurant. (It was part of my recent Brooks Running trip – check out this post for more.)
This is a very easy life-hack style way of using your waffle maker. and it’s not healthy. but it’s delicious! So try this delicious recipe as a special breakfast or brunch treat and enjoy!

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I used refrigerated biscuit dough, sugar and spices and butter. Det är allt! I got the idea when I tried the delicious churro waffles at breakfast in Seattle. It was inspired by a gif I saw a long time ago that used refrigerated cinnamon rolls and cooked them in a waffle maker to make cinnamon roll waffles (that ought to be the next thing I make!).

Well – I figured that lil recipe hack would work great to make Churro Waffles because I’d be coating them with cinnamon and sugar (so the dough doesn’t need to be sweet). and yep – they were amazing!

Recipe Notes:

1. use small refrigerated biscuits. I tried this with the roll that’s bigger in diameter (and makes bigger biscuits) and they were too dense. Croissant dough works too – but if you keep the dough pieces in triangles (that’s how croissant dough unrolls) place them strategically on the waffle maker so the pointy of the lines up with a point on the waffle maker. (I used a round waffle maker like this one.)

2. I used pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon on the best batch of waffles. It was delicious and took the flavors to another level.

3. I used a stick of butter to grease the waffle maker by holding it in the wrapper and wiping it all over the inside of the hot waffle maker. This works great to grease pans too. I know you don’t necessarily have to grease many waffle makers that much but the butter helps caramelize the sugar and cinnamon on the waffles.

Churro Waffle recipe – easy Waffle Hack

Churro Waffles Recipe:


1 tube refrigerated biscuit dough or croissant dough (makes about 8 to 10 biscuits)

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

1 stick of butter

optional toppings: whipped cream, maple syrup, nuts, PB…

Directions: Pre-heat waffle maker according to machine’s directions.

Mix cinnamon & sugar in a shallow bowl. Take one biscuit at a time and dip into sugar mixture – cover it on all sides making sure it’s thoroughly coated. (The much more the better!)

Once waffle maker is ready – thoroughly use a stick of butter to grease it. (Wipe it with the butter, hold it with something non-slippery and avoid touching the hot waffle maker with your skin.)

Place 1 prepped biscuit in each section of the waffle maker. cook according to machine’s directions. (The waffle maker I used beeped when it was done. I cooked them about 5 minutes total.)

When the waffles are done – immediately place them back in the cinnamon sugar bowl. Cover well on all sides.

Serve immediately.

If you have leftovers – refrigerate them and re-heat by thoroughly toasting in a toaster oven. but they are best fresh. I’m not sure if there’s a way to save extra refrigerated biscuit dough but if there is … I’d suggest saving the dough and making a fresh batch if you know you’ll have extra.

Want another easy Waffle Hack?

I’ve made waffles with whole grain bread and an egg mixture! They’re a healthy take on waffles and French toast combo! 

French toast Waffles Recipe

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When was the last time you had waffles?

Do you typically choose pancakes or waffles or French toast?

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