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This morning when I drove to lead the walking group I realized I miss having a typical routine as well as a 8-5, consistent job.

But, then I realized what I truly miss is my everyday commute where I can catch up on the news by means of NPR. I’ve listened to it considering that college as well as truly like it!
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I online in near paradise. Allvarligt.

Our walk was in Dana point once again as well as I cannot believe I don’t run down here.

I may have some interesting news coming up soon. Here’s a hint: (but it’s not what you believe so this hint is quite much useless)

After the walk all the physical fitness leaders (there were people doing yoga, strength, gym, soccer) took some group shots as well as played on the TRX.

I called Ben on my method house as well as put an buy for breakfast. He delivered!

Real eggs as well as genuine bread (cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast).

But, my hunger’s been awake for as well long so this didn’t satisfy me. I made one more piece of toast as well as am hoping the coffee will fill me up.

After it was done, I realized I left the lid open on the coffee pot.

I gotten one more huge container of strawberries. however instead of getting them from the strawberry stand, I got them from the store. THIS IS A poor IDEA.

Store gotten strawberries are crap. Ser?

I’ve been chopping them up, sprinkling them with stevia as well as eating them in milk (like cereal).

But Ben made a decision to throw them all in a blender with gatorade powder as well as water to make a shake. THIS is why I don’t let him cook a lot of of the time. He believed it was a great idea?!?!It’s gross as well as tastes like thick gatorade.

Question: What do you listen to on the method to work or school?

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